T.R. Istanbul Arel University student, staff and guest ID cards,


Taking the brand name ArelID Card, it is used as a payment card in shopping points such as cafeterias, cafe-canteens and stationery operating in university campuses.

In addition, identity cards are used to access all campuses of the University and/or its buildings, University libraries and facilities such as sports center.

ArelID Card covers the purchase of commercial dining halls, cafes-canteens, stationery services, use of University libraries and sports center facilities, purchases within the campus and access to campuses/buildings for all students, staff and guests in the University campuses.

By using the ArelID Card system, entry/exit control and attendance tracking can be performed in the desired regions within the University.

Entry/exit to parking lots, libraries and dormitories can be controlled. With ArelCash, which is loaded into the card without using cash, you can benefit from canteens, cafeterias and vending machines.

All students of the University must have an up-to-date ArelID Card as long as their student rights continue and their employees continue to be members of the University. They must carry this card with them. Security of the ArelID card is the responsibility of the cardholder.


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In case of loss or theft, the cardholder must follow the steps indicated on the page to the ArelID Card Unit in order to deactivate the ArelID Card as soon as possible.

You can view the information by accessing your account from this area.

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