It is possible to load cash Money to ArelID Card by using Kiosk, mobile device and computer.


ArelID Card can be loaded with the following;

a) Cash and credit/debit cards can be loaded using the Kiosk device placed on all campuses.

b) By accessing via a mobile device web browser, it is possible to load Money with a credit/debit card.

c) By accessing via a computer web browser, it is possible to load with a credit/debit card.


With these methods, all students and staff can load the ArelID Card and check the balance. It is also possible to load ArelCash on another person’s ArelID Card.


Click here to load money.

In case of loss or theft, the cardholder must follow the steps indicated on the page to the ArelID Card Unit in order to deactivate the ArelID Card as soon as possible.

You can view the information by accessing your account from this area.

You can use this field to load money on your card account.