1. What is the T.R. Istanbul Arel University ArelID Card?

ArelID Card is a card system used at İstanbul Arel University campuses. This card is designed for all students, staff, and guests of the university. ArelID Card covers various services including the purchase of goods and services from commercial dining halls, cafes-canteens, and stationery shops, access to university libraries and sports center facilities, on-campus purchases, and access to campus/buildings.

2. Can I use my existing university ID card as an ArelID Card?

You can use your existing ID card as an ArelID Card with the same features until you receive your new ArelID Card. For this purpose, you just need to scan your current ID card once on the Kiosk devices to activate it for use.

3. How can I apply for the ArelID Card at Istanbul Arel University?

For Students: New students who will be getting their ArelID Card for the first time will have their cards delivered by the Student Affairs Directorate. However, for international students, graduate programs, or students transferring horizontally/vertically between departments, the cards will be delivered by the ArelID Card Unit.


For Staff: New staff members who will be getting their ArelID Card for the first time will have their cards delivered by the Personnel Directorate

4. I lost my ArelID Card. What should I do?

Users who have lost their ArelID Card can deactivate their ArelID Card by accessing arelnakit.arel.edu.tr via mobile device and web application and apply to the ArelID Card unit.

5. If I have found my lost ArelID Card without obtaining a new one, what should I do?

If a user finds their previously deactivated ArelID Card, they can re-enable it by accessing the website arelnakit.arel.edu.tr through the mobile or web application. They can log in to their account and activate their ArelID Card, allowing them to continue using it.

6. I want to renew my existing ArelID Card (due to loss, damage, etc.). What should I do?

Users who want to renew their lost or worn ArelID Card can get the new ArelID Card by depositing the ArelID Card fee determined by the university administration into the university account and applying to the ArelID Unit with the payment receipt.

7. If I realize that I forgot to bring my ArelID Card when I arrive at our university campus, what steps should I take to carry out transactions that require the card?

Without an ArelID Card, services in areas where the card is used will not be provided at our university campuses.

8. How can I load money into my ArelID Card?

You can load money onto your ArelID Card through ArelNakit load money kiosks, mobile ArelNakit load money, and web ArelNakit load money.

9. What should I do if I encounter a problem while load money ArelNakit onto my ArelID Card?

If you encounter an issue related to the balance during the ArelNakit load money process, you should prepare a “Balance Correction Request Form” and submit it to the ‘Card Unit’ for assistance.

10. Can I make transactions with cash or credit card at commercial outlets (such as dining halls, cafes, etc.) without load money ArelNakit into my ArelID Card?

Cash or credit card cannot be used at commercial outlets in university campuses.

11. What is the validity period of my ArelID Card?

The validity period of all ArelID Cards is a maximum of four (4) years from the date of issue.

12. Can I cancel my ArelID Card?

Since the ArelID Card also serves as a student and staff identification card, you should continue using the card throughout your study or employment period.

13. Where should I return my ArelID Card when leaving the university, and how can I reclaim the balance on my card?

After completing the process of disengaging from the university, you should return your ArelID Card to the ArelID Card Unit. Your ArelID Card will be automatically deactivated after the disengagement process. To request a refund of your ArelNakit balance, you should submit an “ArelNakit Refund Request Form” to the ArelID Card Unit.