ArelID Card is given to University students and staff for the first time in case of enrollment of students to the University, employment of the staff at the University or by rearranging in case of loss and wear of the ArelID Card.


To get ArelID Card for the first time;

a) Student applications are made to the Registrar’s Office.

b) Personnel applications are made to the Personnel Department.


Users who want to renew their ArelID Card can get the new ArelID Card by depositing the ArelID Card fee determined by the University administration into the University account and applying to the ArelID Card with the payment receipt.


A replacement fee determined by the University administration for lost, stolen or misused ArelID Cards. This fee does not apply when the ArelID Card user officially makes a name change at the University, provided that s/he returns the old ArelID Card.

In case of loss or theft, the cardholder must follow the steps indicated on the page to the ArelID Card Unit in order to deactivate the ArelID Card as soon as possible.

You can view the information by accessing your account from this area.

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